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NIjiya Shio Koji / ニジヤ塩麹

Posted on 1st August 2014 in Grocery, Media

Shio Koji became firmly established as a seasoning in Japanese foods.
It seems like it has been found in the recent years, but it is traditional Japanese seasoning that were first made in the Tohoku region. Salt and koji was fermented and combined with water.

If you put shio Koji on meat and fish, a protein and starch is broken down into amino acids and sugar, and the taste is more flavorful. It could also be enjoyed with vegetables and drained tofu.

It is simple to use. For meat and fish, apply two teaspoons of shio koji, wrap it in plastic, and refrigerate for two to three hours and then bake it. For vegetables, cut into desired pieces and put it in a plastic bag. Add in two teaspoons of Shio Koji and make sure the veggies are glared with the koji. Enjoy after cooling it for two to three hours. If you let it cool overnight, the results are more flavorful.

Please enjoy Nijiya’s Homemade Shio Koji for your everyday cooking!





Nijiya Recipe ” NIjiya Shio Koji / ニジヤ塩麹 “

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NIJIYA “NUKADOKO(Rice Bran Bed for Pickles)” SET

Posted on 26th July 2013 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

Nijiya “Nukadoko set” is a new sale item and all the necessary ingredients has been set- Organic Rice Bran, Salt, Dried Konbu Seaweed and Red Chili Peppers- to set it up. You can make your own Nukazuke at home with this convenient set.

Nukazuke is popular Japanese pickles that are pickled with lactic fermented rice bran. Basically, vegetables and fish are pickled with it.

Popular ingredient for Nukazuke is vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplants, Daikon radish, turnips and carrots and usually need one to two days to complete pickling.

You can seize many advantages from Nukazuke “at home” more than “retail”. For example, you can use seasonal and favorite ingredients and choose your favorite degree of pickling.

What is better than other products is that this set contains “soy sauce powder” that makes our Nukadoko unique.
Please use the container of this package for your convenience.





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Nijiya Nori Tsukudani / ニジヤ海苔佃煮

Posted on 6th February 2013 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

New items are added to our popular “Nijiya Small Bottle” series-Nori Tsukudani and Nori Tsukudani w/Shiitake. Nori tsukudani is made with very simple ingredients-Nori seaweed and seasonings, and added Shiitake Mushrooms to it is Nori tsukudani Shiitake.

Nori Seaweed is rich in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals. In addition, we made it without MSG and thickener so that you feel natural and gently smooth taste.
Enjoy on steamed rice and of course with Onigiri!

Because of chilled item, these items are not available online.




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Nijiya Organic Seaweed / ニジヤ オーガニック海苔

Posted on 11th January 2013 in Deli & Sushi, Grocery, Nijiya Brand

Crispy type that is great for temaki sushi. It comes in 10 slices per pack so cut it into 1/4 and enjoy temaki sushi with fresh sashimi from Nijiya with your family!

It is available at your closest Nijiya Market, OR at Nijiya Online Store!!



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Nijiya Exquisite Sake-kasu / ニジヤ極上酒粕

Posted on 4th November 2012 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

Sake is made ​​on the basis of raw materials rice, rice koji and water.
Fermented soft solid, called “Moromi (mash)”, is formed in the brewing process. Sake is the liquid resulted from squeezing “Moromi”, and its residue is “Sake-kasu (lees)”.

Nijiya’s Sake-kasu is more matured and pasted lees called “Neri-kasu”. This superb Sake-kasu has more umami and is rich in aroma and taste. It is also fresh and soft so that you can use it easily.

A lot of nutrients from yeast remains in Sake-kasu, including carbhydrates, proteins, fibers, and vitamin B. It is certainly a healthy food. You can use Sake-kasu for daily dishes such as Kasu-jiru, pickles, and desserts.

Because of chilled item, these items are not available online.





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Shoyu & Shio Koji, + Rayu! / 醤油麹、塩麹、食べるラー油!

Posted on 26th September 2012 in Grocery, Media, Nijiya Brand

Small Bottle Seasoning Series

Nijiya Homemade Shoyu-Koji

Shoyu Koji is now very popular following “Shio-Koji”.

It is made with soy sauce and malted rice.
Because soy sauce is fermented food, Shoyu Koji has over 10 times of Glutamine compared with Shio Koji. In short, Shoyu Koji has more Umami than Shio Koji.

The point is an excellent balance of Umami, Sweetness, Saltiness, and Flavor. In addition, Fermented foods are very nutritious and will help people being healthy.

How to use it? Shoyu Koji is all around player for any cook. For example;

  • Substitution of soy sauce for Grilled Meats/Fish/Vegetables, Natto, or Sashimi.
  • Seasoning for cooked vegetables(Boiled/Steamed/Stir fried/etc), Meatballs/Hamburgers, Gyoza Dumplings, Fried Rice, or Soup
  • Subsidiary for Steamed Rice, Tofu, Cheese, or Fresh Vegetables.
  • Dressing as mixing with Vinegar and Vegetable oils.

Nijiya Homemade Shio-Koji

Shio-koji is very popular in Japan. Shio-koji is Japan’s traditional seasoning made by fermenting and maturing a mixture of rice malt, salt, and water. It has long been used as a seasoning for pickled vegetables and fish.

Nowadays, shio-koji has been known as the “magical ingredient that makes any material delicious” and has been used in many different ways.

It can be used to pickle vegetables, fish, meat, and tofu or used as an ingredient for stewed dishes, fried dishes, pasta dishes, and dessert. By spreading one or two tablespoons of shio-koji on a sliced piece of meat or fish and letting it sit for a half day or day wrapped in saran wrap (refrigerated), that makes the piece of meat or fish extra tender and flavorful.

Nijiya original “Taberu-Rayu”

looks very spicy but not so spicy.

Taberu-Rayu is all the range since a few years ago, and also, our original Taberu-Rayu has been also very popular since then.
The Nijiya Original Taberu-Rayu is renewed and coming with the same line of “Nijiya Small Bottle Series”

The significant point of this item is “Umami” from Konbu Seaweed and Dried Shrimp. In addition, plenty of fried garlic adds chunky texture.

Delicious on steamed rice, Ramen Noodle and Gyoza, and great for stir fry or BBQ.
We select less spicy pepper so everyone can enjoy the great taste, even kids or people who are not good at spicy food.

Because of chilled item, these items are not available online.


ニジヤ手作り うまみの醤油麹



ニジヤ手作り やさしい塩麹




ニジヤ手作り 辛そうで辛くない食べるラー油





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NIJIYA Chicken Curry & Beef Curry / ニジヤ チキンカレーとビーフカレー

Posted on 26th July 2012 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

Chicken Curry & Beef Curry with chunk of meats!

New Chicken Curry and Beef Curry are coming with chunky meats.

The bases of soup are made with chicken (for chicken curry) or beef (for beef curry) that are rich in Umami, and cook with plenty of onions, carrots, and celery. All vegetables are melted during slow cooking, so you never miss the nutrients of all vegetables. Now we add chunk of chicken meats for chicken curry and beef for beef curry. Consequently, the curries are more volume and Umami than previous ones.

Preparation is very easy; warm the package with boiling water for six minutes, and serve.
You can enjoy light taste of Chicken Curry or a rich taste of Beef Curry depending on your favor.

  • Product info: 8oz/$2.99(Chicken), 8oz/$3.49(Beef)
  • shelf life: 25 days
  • Keep Refrigerated
* Available at California stores only.





  • 8 oz入り
  • 賞味期限:製造日から25日/要冷蔵
  • 通常小売価格:チキン入りカレー $2.99, ビーフ入りカレー $3.49
* ハワイ・ニューヨーク店除く
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Nijiya Natural Natto / ニジヤ有機納豆

Posted on 3rd July 2012 in Grocery, Media, Nijiya Brand

Have you ever tasted fermented soybeans called “Natto”? It is one of the most popular Japanese side dishes. Yes, it is smelly… but actually tasty in your mouth! You will agree if you are brave enough to try it out. =) Please enjoy our natural and healthy Natto.

今回はニジヤ有機納豆で海鮮納豆を作ってみます。ニジヤのお刺身セットと混ぜるだけで、簡単に美味しいサイドメニューの出来上がりです♪ ニジヤの美味しい納豆を、是非お試しください。

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Nijiya Soba Tsuyu / ニジヤそばつゆ

Posted on 14th May 2012 in Grocery, Media

Let’s make Salad Soba with Nijiya Soba Tsuyu. It’s very simple and one of the best dishes for hot summer. Please try it yourself. You can watch this video on TV as well.


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Nijiya Selection: Orita-En Tea / おりた園のお茶

Posted on 10th April 2012 in Grocery

Our Recommendation

[Orita-En] – Teas by Nobuo Orita, the Tea Maestro.

Kagoshima is known for its tea, and Nijiya is proud to introduce “Orita-En,” the Orita Tea Farm. Unlike many other tea companies in Japan that source their leaves from other farmers, Mr. Orita produces all of his tea leaves at his own farms. He will then process the leaves at his own facility and packs them there, overseeing the whole production process. That’s why we call him a maestro, a true tea master.

Flavor chracteristics

All of his teas have unmistakably rich and strong flavors.

Yes, No Middleman.

The orders from Nijiya are packed especially in a separate lot to guarantee the freshness and the quality every time. As soon as the lot is ready, it is assembled into a container and shipped directly from Shibushi, Kagoshima.


[折田園のお茶] – 茶匠 折田信夫作






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