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Nijiya Natural Natto / ニジヤ有機納豆

Posted on 3rd July 2012 in Grocery, Media, Nijiya Brand

Have you ever tasted fermented soybeans called “Natto”? It is one of the most popular Japanese side dishes. Yes, it is smelly… but actually tasty in your mouth! You will agree if you are brave enough to try it out. =) Please enjoy our natural and healthy Natto.

今回はニジヤ有機納豆で海鮮納豆を作ってみます。ニジヤのお刺身セットと混ぜるだけで、簡単に美味しいサイドメニューの出来上がりです♪ ニジヤの美味しい納豆を、是非お試しください。

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