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  • January 26, 2016Mirin Kasu Bread / みりん粕食パン

    Mirin Kasu Bread is a new line of bread using Nijiya’s popular Mirin Kasu!

    Mirin Kasu are the lees left over from Mirin production. Mirin is made by brewing a mixture of sweet rice and malted rice. Mirin Kasu is rich in resistant proteins which functions similar to dietary fibers. Many studies have shown it removes short-chain fatty acids from the small intestine and promote many medical benefits.

    This healthy Mirin Kasu was used for Mirin Kasu Bread.
    Slight fragrance of Mirin and mild sweetness add flavor to the bread.
    It is light when toasted. Thin slices are also available for your favorite sandwiches.

    Enjoy Mirin Kasu Bread. It is good for all ages!







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  • July 30, 2013Refrigeration is OK! – Still fluffy! / 冷蔵OK! 冷やしてもふわふわパン!

    Deterioration of foods is always concerned during hot season. Have you ever thought if the bread is kept its fluffiness in the refrigerator?
    Nijiya Cherry Blossom offers the original recipe breads that are hardly lose its moisture even if you keep them in the refrigerator.

    ★Mini-Pan series (Red bean Paste 2 kinds [with skin and without skin] and Melon Pan) (Keep in Room temperature or Refrigerator)
    6 pieces of small-sized breads are in one package. The size is just fit for lightly filling your stomach or for snacks of children. These are always loved in any generations.

    ★Arabiki Sausage Pan (Keep Refrigerated)
    This is very popular bread made with “Nijiya Arabiki Sausage”. You may feel satisfaction with just one piece. If you warm it up before serving, it will more delicious because the juicy and chunky texture of sausage will be enhanced. Please add ketchup and mustard for your preference.

    ★Cream Pan & Cream Melon Pan (Keep Refrigerated)
    The filling of Cream Pan and Cream Melon Pan is the same custard cream of Cream Puff that is very popular item of Nijiya Cake Kobo. We can say these are close to dessert. These, especially Melon pan and Custard cream combination, sound too sweet, but these have moderate sweetness that you obviously can eat whole.

    ★Choco Custard Twist (Keep in Room temperature or Refrigerator)
    Plenty of chocolate chip and custard cream are rolled up with this thick and heavy bread. It is delicious when you tear it off and eat as it is or slice and toast it lightly. It is slightly sweet and may fit for simple breakfast to children.

    ★Purple Sweet Potato Bread (Keep in Room temperature or Refrigerator)
    This bread is rich in nutrients because it is made with purple sweet potato. The purple sweet potato has beta-carotene, vitamin B1 and C, potassium, magnesium, fibers and other vitamins and minerals. Especially, it contains plenty of Polyphenol (Anthocyanin) which is known as an antioxidant. It helps anti-aging and eyes and liver functions.

    CHERRY BLOSSOMでは、冷やしても固くなりにくいオリジナルレシピパンをご提供しています。

    ★ミニパンシリーズ(つぶあん、こしあん、メロンパン) (常温・冷蔵)

    とってもポピュラーな惣菜パン。Cherry Blossomのソーセージパンは、これまた人気の“にじやあらびきソーセージ”をまるまる一本使い、一個でも食べ応え十分。そのままでも美味しいですが、食べる前に温めたほうがふわふわポリポリジューシーでより美味です。お好みでケチャップやマスタードをつけても。


    カスタードクリームは、Nijiya Cake Koboのクリームパフ(シュークリーム)に入っているものと同じものを使用。とってもクリーミーで、もはやデザートの域。メロンパンとカスタードクリームのコンビは甘すぎるんじゃ?と思われがちですが、どちらも甘さ控えめなのであっという間に完食間違いなし!



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  • January 22, 2013


    Sweets and Breads made with Organic Kintoki(yellow) & Purple sweet potatoes from Nijiya Organic Farm are coming from Cake Kobo & Cherry Blossom.

    Sweet Potato is rich in Vitamin C and Fiber which are help preventing with lifestyle-related disease and maintaining the stomach condition. Furthermore, a chemical, named “Anthocyanin” in purple sweet potato, is known as antioxidant that helps anti-aging.

    We are pleased helping better and healthy eating with our delight foods.


    ニジヤ・オーガニックファーム より、さつまいもスイーツ祭



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  • March 16, 2012

    Sweet potatoes harvested in the Nijiya organic farm are now turned into delicious homemade dessert! This healthy dessert is Nijiya’s original. It is newly available from March 16th and 23rd.
    (Availability varies from store to store)


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Cherry blossom
Nijiya Market has its own bakery, where we bake breads and other items fresh every day. Nijiya customers love our soft, fluffy loaves of Japanese style breads and pastries, because our products baked with the freshest ingredients taste so good and are available in great varieties. We also develop healthy, body-friendly breads using organic soymilk and tofu. We strive constantly to provide the kinds of products that will meet our customers’ needs.

Cake Kobo
At our Cake Kobo, too, the pastry chefs take great care in making each piece of cake. Our Japanese style cakes–which are not too sweet–are made from the choicest ingredients. Every member of your family can enjoy them without worrying about calories or the quality of ingredients. The Cake Kobo cakes are savored as an everyday dessert, while birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, St. Valentine’s Day cakes, Japanese Doll Festival (Girls’ Day) cakes are also often purchased as wonderful additions to those special events.