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Nijiya Cherry Gift 2024 / ニジヤチェリーギフト2024

Posted on 14th May 2024 in Uncategorized

American Cherry Gift to Japan
Order now!

The Cherry Gift season has been here to send to your loved ones in Japan!

Have you placed any orders yet? Please do not miss this special chance to send love and appreciation to someone in Japan. We will be looking forward to your order until last minute.


Order due date: June 19th (Wed)
Auvil Farm Cherries – CR-1, CR-2, CR-3, CD-1, CD-2, CD-3, CS-1, CS-2
Select American Cherries – PR-1, PR-2, PR-3, PS-1, PS-2

Expected delivery:
Auvil Farm Cherries – Around Early July to Mid-July
Select American Cherries – Around Late June to Early July

Order due date: June 26th (Wed)
Select American Cherries – PD-1, PD-2, PD-3

Expected delivery:
Around Late June to Mid-July

We are always more than happy to support your purchase through the whole process.
Please contact us at any time if you have any questions. You can reach us at our customer support via email or over the phone. Please also visit our physical stores as you see fit.

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お申込み締切り: 6月19日(水)まで
オービル農園産チェリー CR-1, CR-2, CR-3, CD-1, CD-2, CD-3, CS-1, CS-2
厳選アメリカンチェリー PR-1, PR-2, PR-3, PS-1, PS-2

オービル農園産チェリー 7月上旬~7月中旬頃
厳選アメリカンチェリー 6月下旬~7月上旬頃

お申込み締切り: 6月26日(水)まで
厳選アメリカンチェリー PD-1, PD-2, PD-3



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トーランス店にて!福井県産特選食品コレクション開催/Fukui’s Best Premier Collection at Torrance Store

Posted on 30th January 2024 in Uncategorized

Fukui’s Best Premier Collection at Torrance Store
2/1 – 2/14

Fukui prefecture is located in the northwest of Chubu region, facing the Sea of Japan. About 0.8 million people live in Fukui.
In Fukui Prefecture, visitors can enjoy local cuisine that makes the most of seafood from the Sea of Japan and local ingredients. A small selection of these products are introduced here.

2/1 – 2/14

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トーランス店にて長野フェアを開催します!/NAGANO FAIR AT TORRANCE STORE!

Posted on 28th February 2023 in Japan, Nijiya Market, Stores, Torrance

Nagano prefecture is an inland prefecture located in the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Nagano has impressive highland areas, and host to the 1998 Winter Olympics!
Many delicious foods that came from Nagano Prefecture are available here.
Please come and join us for this special event only at our Torrance store. 🏯

3/1 Wed. – 3/7 Tue.


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Nijiya Online Store Renewal Open!

Posted on 16th November 2022 in Online Store, Top News

Nijiya Online Store Renewal Open!

Nijiya’s online store has finally reopened with a new look.
A wide variety of products, including Nijiya’s original brand products, have been newly added to the lineup.
The shipping fees have also been reduced, making it even easier to shop.
We will be adding more and more delicious and excellent products from Japan in the near future, so stay tuned!

Please enter our store from here!








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山桜/ the Wild cherry tree

Posted on 29th April 2022 in Nijiya Farm

The wild cherry trees on the farm are now in full bloom.


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Sakura Onigiri

Sweet rice cake (Ohagi)with Salted Sakura/塩漬け桜おはぎ

Posted on 10th March 2022 in Nijiya Recipe

New recipe has been posted.

「Sweet rice cake (Ohagi)with Salted Sakura/塩漬け桜おはぎ」

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Nijiya Recipe

Chopped Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese /洋風なめろう

Posted on 28th February 2022 in Nijiya Recipe

New recipe has been posted.

「Chopped Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese /洋風なめろう」

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Asari Gohan

Rice cooked with Clams /あさりの洋風炊き込みご飯

Posted on 25th February 2022 in Uncategorized

New recipe has been posted.

「Rice cooked with Clams /あさりの洋風炊き込みご飯」

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オーガニック大根 / Organic Daikon radish

Posted on 24th February 2022 in Nijiya Farm

Daikon harvest, cleaning and packing under this weather. this harvest daikon is extremely good.


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Strawberry pudding

Recipe / レシピ更新「Amazake Jello/二色芋甘酒のゼリー」

Posted on 24th February 2022 in Uncategorized

New recipe has been posted.

「Amazake Jello/二色芋甘酒のゼリー」

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