Nijiya Cherry Gift 2021 / ニジヤチェリーギフト2021

Posted on 15th May 2021 in Nijiya Gift

American Cherry Gift to Japan
Order deadline has been extended!


The Cherry Gift season has been here to send to your loved ones in Japan!

Have you placed any orders yet? The order deadline has been extended to the dates as follows. Please do not miss this special chance to send love and appreciation to someone in Japan. We will be looking forward to your order until last minute.

Order due date:
Auvil Farm Cherries – R1,R2,R3,D1,D2,D3,RB1,RB2:
June 22nd (Tue): At Store
June 23rd (Wed) by 3:00PM: Online order

Select American Cherries – B1,B2,B3,MX1,MX2:
June 22nd (Tue): At Store
June 23rd (Wed) by 3:00PM: Online order


We are continuing to offer our popular 10% online discount to those who place an order through our website.

We have moved to a new system this year, so we would like to ask you to create a new account. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need information on your orders from previous years, please let us know. With our new system, you can now ship to multiple destinations in one order. Please give it a try.
We are always more than happy to support your purchase through the whole process.
Please contact us at any time if you have any questions. You can reach us at our customer support via email or over the phone. Please also visit our physical stores as you see fit.

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オービル農園 – R1,R2,R3,D1,D2,D3,RB1,RB2:
June 22nd, Tue / 6月22日(火)At Store
June 23rd, Wed / 6月23日(水)3:00PM Online order

厳選アメリカンチェリー – B1,B2,B3,MX1,MX2:
June 22nd, Tue / 6月22日(火)At Store
June 23rd, Wed / 6月23日(水)3:00PM Online order




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Sumo as a Gift! / デコポン ギフト登場

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Sumo is now available as a gift through our online store!
Please check the detail here.


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Nijiya Gift Card / ニジヤ ギフトカード

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Introducing Nijiya Market Gift Cards!
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