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Mirin Kasu Bread / みりん粕食パン

Posted on 26th January 2016 in Bakery & Cake

Mirin Kasu Bread is a new line of bread using Nijiya’s popular Mirin Kasu!

Mirin Kasu are the lees left over from Mirin production. Mirin is made by brewing a mixture of sweet rice and malted rice. Mirin Kasu is rich in resistant proteins which functions similar to dietary fibers. Many studies have shown it removes short-chain fatty acids from the small intestine and promote many medical benefits.

This healthy Mirin Kasu was used for Mirin Kasu Bread.
Slight fragrance of Mirin and mild sweetness add flavor to the bread.
It is light when toasted. Thin slices are also available for your favorite sandwiches.

Enjoy Mirin Kasu Bread. It is good for all ages!







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