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Nijiya Organic Rice Series / ニジヤのオーガニック米シリーズ

Posted on 6th March 2017 in Nijiya Brand

Nijiya Organic Rice is grown and harvested in the beautiful fields of Sacramento Valley in California. The birds, weeds, and water from Sierra Nevada work together in harmony to help us humans grow our crops using organic methods only. Safe and savory, our organic rice is for you to enjoy for years to come.

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Kosihikari Series
Akitakomachi Series
Nijiya Rice Series
Sweet Rice Series

[How to cook rice with Donate (an earthen pot)]

1. Rinse rice well and soak with pretty of water for at least 20 minutes. Strain the rice well. Put rice in the pot with the equal part of water.
2. Cook with high heat with lid on.
3. Once it starts boiling, reduce the heat to low and continue to cook for 8 more minutes. Keep the lid on after turning off the heat to let the rice continue to cook with steam.

[How to cook brown rice quickly (Shocking method)]

Water 1.2 times of rice.
Another water 1.2 times of rice. (Shocking water)

1. Rinse brown rice and place them in a pot with 20% more water. (No need to pre-soak.)
2. Cook with high heat with lid on.
3. Once it starts boiling, reduce the heat and continue to cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Once all water is gone you hear crackling sound then add water and mix the rice well.
4. Continue to cook for another 10 to 15 minutes. Keep the lid on for 5 more minutes.


[ニジヤ オンラインショップ]
こしひかり シリーズ
あきたこまち シリーズ
虹屋米 シリーズ
もち米 シリーズ


白米 …お好みの量



玄米 …お好みの量
びっくり水(冷水) … 米に対し1.2倍”


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It’s new ! Seafood & crab gyoza and fried crabmeat pate!

Posted on 4th October 2016 in Nijiya Brand

A Nijiya’s new line up is tasty and healthy Seafood Crab gyoza. It is a sumptuous gyoza stuffed with full of hand picked crabmeat. The rich flavor comes from the harmony of Snow crabmeat, cabbage, green onion and Alaskan Pollack meat without any chemical additives.
Sumptuous fried crabmeat pate is also a new line up. It is simply cooked to bring the flavor of Snow crab meat and Alaskan Pollack meat.
They are great as dinner or as hors d’oeuvre. Enjoy Seafood & crabmeat gyoza and fried crabmeat pate with a rich flavor of the sea.


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Introducing our new Nijiya Curry Flakes! / ニジヤカレーフレーク新登場!

Posted on 19th July 2016 in Nijiya Brand

From the popular request of our customers, it is finally here! Nijiya Curry Flakes has a blend of 18 spices and 4 fruit juices. It does not contain any meat, it only has natural ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected to create a homemade style curry that is medium spicy, and kids will sure to love the sweetness that comes from the fruit juices. It is in an easy-to-use flake form which dissolves easily so it may be used in a variety of dishes such as stir-fries, karaage, croquette, and pasta.

お客様からリクエストの多かったニジヤカレーフレークがいよいよ登場です。 ニジヤらしいこだわりを交えながら丹精込めて開発した新商品。 18種類のスパイスと4種類の果汁をブレンドし、食べやすく飽きの来ない、手作り感のあるカレーに仕上げました。 化学調味料はもちろん、保存料等の添加物、動物由来原料は使用しておりません。 ひとつひとつのスパイスや原料にこだわり、フルーツ果汁をブレンドすることでお子様にも好まれるコクと旨味を出した中辛タイプ。 使いやすいフレーク状なので、溶けやすく炒め物・唐揚げ・コロッケ・パスタ等、様々なお料理にも調味料感覚でお使いいただけます。 優しい味わいと香りをどうぞお楽しみください。

*Nijiya Recipe
Eggplant and Chicken Curry Cheese Bake / なすとチキンのカレーチーズ焼き
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Mirin Kasu -Rice Yeast /みりん粕

Posted on 8th December 2015 in Nijiya Brand

It is easy to use for grilled fish or meat! You can also mix with Miso or Mayonnaise to make vegetable dips!
Mirin is made by brewing a mixture of rice, malted rice and distilled rice wine for a couple of month. Marin kasu or Mirin lees are solids left after the mixture was filtered and pressed to make Mirin liquid. Marin kasu is rich in resistant protein which functions similar to dietary fibers. Many studies have shown it removes short-chain fatty acids from the small intestine and promote many medicinal benefits.

肉や魚の漬け焼きに! 味噌やマヨネーズと混ぜて野菜のディップに!
みりんは、もち米、米麹、米焼酎を合わせて熟成させますが、そのみりんを絞った後に残るのがみりん粕です。 みりん粕に含まれる「レジスタントプロテイン」は食物繊維によく似た働きをします。 小腸内の脂質を体外へ排出するため、便秘改善、コレステロールの低下、肥満防止に効果的といわれています。 みりん粕を毎日の健康にお役立てください!

Nijiya Recipe / ニジヤレシピ

⚫︎Salmon Mirin Kasu Soup / みりん粕の鮭汁

⚫︎Soy milk banana shake with Mirin kasu / みりん粕の豆乳バナナシェイク

⚫︎Mirin Kasu pickled vegetables / 野菜のみりん粕浅漬け

⚫︎Baked Cod with Mirin Kasuzuke / 鱈のみりん粕漬け焼き

⚫︎Mirin Kasu Apple Pound Cake / みりん粕のりんごパウンドケーキ

⚫︎Crispy Mirin Kasu Cookie / みりん粕のサクサククッキー

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Nijiya original Organic Salted Lemon Dressing, now available in stores!


Posted on 2nd June 2015 in Nijiya Brand

Nijiya’s original dressings has a new line up. It is Salted Lemon Dressing using Organic sated lemon.

Salted lemon is not just lemon with salt. The lemon is cured with salt and makes great condiment, which brings out Umami of ingredients with fresh lemon flavor and mild salty tartness. Nijiya’s original organic salted lemon was made with this salted lemon. 
You can use it for fresh salad or make Carpaccio with Sashimi. It makes a great rice salad or a beans salad. You can use as a sauce for Yakiniku and Gyoza. 
It has no MSG. This refreshing lemon flavor dressing is loved by all ages, from kids to elders.


生野菜サラダはもちろん、お刺身にかけてカルパッチョ風にしたり、ライスサラダやビーンズサラダにもよく合います。また、焼肉や餃子のタレとしてお使いいただくと、ちょっと変わった夏らしい一品に大変身! もちろん、NO MSG。酸味と甘味を抑えて、お子様にもおいしくお召し上がりいただけます。

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Nijiya original organic salt lemon, now available in stores!

Posted on 3rd February 2015 in Nijiya Brand

Last year all-purpose seasoning, salt lemon caused a big impact in Japan. Salt lemon is commonly used in places such as North Africa and Morocco. You can use this seasoning on meat, fish, and various kinds of vegetables also.

Originally, the whole lemon gets seasoned with salt, but Nijiya’s original salt lemon is in a paste form, so customers can enjoy the flavor of its skin, and it is also easy to use for cooking. Lemon, of course organic! Salt that is used are the mineral-rich natural sea salt. Although salt lemon goes well with any food, we recommend salt lemon sautéed chicken. Since meat is plump and soft, acidity will also be mellow while heating, so it could be enjoyed by those who doesn’t favor lemon as much. Other seasonings will be unnecessary if lemon salt is used. It can also be used in salads and desserts.

昨年日本で大ブームを巻き起こした万能調味料「塩レモン」。 塩レモンとは、北アフリカ、モロッコ発祥の調味料。レモンを塩漬けにして発酵させ、肉や魚の臭みを取ったり、逆に、肉や魚、野菜本来の味を上手く引き出し、味をぐっと引き締めてひとつにまとめる役割をしてくれます。

本来は丸のままのレモンを長期間塩漬けにして、そのエキスを使用しますが、ニジヤオリジナルの塩レモンは、漬け込んだレモンをまるごとペースト状にし、皮の風味まで楽しんでいただけるよう、そして料理に使いやすいように工夫しました。 レモンはもちろんオーガニック!塩もミネラル豊富な天然シーソルトを使用しています。 どんな食材にもぴったりとマッチする塩レモンですが、オススメはチキンの塩レモンソテー。チキンを塩レモンでマリネしてから焼くことで、肉はふっくらと柔らかく、加熱するので酸味もまろやかになり、レモンが苦手な方でもおいしくお召し上がり頂けます。レモン塩だけで他の味つけは不要。他にも、サラダやデザートなどにも使える、まさに万能調味料です。

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Nijiya’s original Sesame Sauce / 胡麻だれ

Posted on 2nd September 2014 in Nijiya Brand

Nijiya’s original Sesame Sauce has a rich full flavor of roasted sesame made without MSG. You can conveniently use it as a sauce for ShabuShabu, a salad dressing or a marinade. Try it for soup for a change. The recipe as follows.

ニジヤ手作りの胡麻だれは、たっぷりの胡麻と濃厚な味わいが魅力です。そしてNO MSG。 しゃぶしゃぶのたれとしてはもちろん、サラダのドレッシングや、和え物料理等にも幅広く使えて便利。肉、魚介、野菜など、どんな食材にもおいしくマッチします。 アレンジ料理として、スープに使うと“豚肉を使わないとんこつ風(?)”な味わいになりますので、ぜひお試しください。

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Nijiya Market now sells nut series! / ナッツシリーズが新登場!

Posted on 13th June 2014 in Nijiya Brand

Nijiya Market now sells nut series! 6 Various types are available. Peanuts are popular, containing unsaturated fatty acids that are healthy and good for your body. Enjoy it however you like! Please enjoy our delicious and healthy nut series!

 ニジヤマーケットからナッツシリーズが新登場。 いろんな食感が楽しい バラエティ豊富な全6種類がラインナップ。 健康に良い不飽和脂肪酸を多く含むピーナッツは、優れたヘルシー食品として 注目が集まっています。おとうさんのおつまみに、おこさまのおやつに、おいしくてヘルシーなナッツシリーズをお楽しみください。

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Now on sale, Nijiya’s Chuka Dashi! / 新発売!ニジヤ中華だし

Posted on 2nd June 2014 in Nijiya Brand

Now on sale, Nijiya’s Chuka Dashi!
It is finished in the taste of soy sauce and vegetables.
Rich aroma and gentle taste, comes from the naturalism of additive-free chemical seasoning.
Familiar granule type, it is easy to use. Please use It in variety of soups, fried rice, salad, and stir-fry.

Recipe:Bean Sprouts Namu



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NIJIYA SUKIYAKI SAUCE, Now on sale! / ニジヤ・すき焼きのたれ、好評発売中!

Posted on 30th April 2014 in Media, Nijiya Brand

Sukiyaki sauce by Nijiya has NO MSG and is made with Kombu Dashi. It is easy to use and you can adjust flavors by adding more soy sauce or sake while cooking on the table. Natural Umami of this sauce will enhance the full flavor of the ingredients.
This sauce is good not only for Sukiyaki but for cooking Meat and Potato, Tofu, Chicken Soboro and Katsu-Don, also. Try with your favorite recipe.

Recipe: Poke Sukiyaki with lots of vegetables
Nijiya’s duBreton Pork

ニジヤ・オリジナルのすき焼きのたれは、昆布だしを使ったあっさりたれ。 食卓ですき焼きを作る際、薄まったら少しお醤油を、煮詰まったら少しお酒を、など味をお好みで調整しやすいよう、旨味と甘みを生かして作られています。 NO MSGで、食材の自然なおいしさが味わえる、ニジヤ自慢のすき焼きのたれです。 すき焼き以外にも、肉じゃが、肉豆腐、鶏そぼろ、カツ丼のたれなどにご利用いただけます。


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