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NIJIYA SUKIYAKI SAUCE, Now on sale! / ニジヤ・すき焼きのたれ、好評発売中!

Posted on 30th April 2014 in Media, Nijiya Brand

Sukiyaki sauce by Nijiya has NO MSG and is made with Kombu Dashi. It is easy to use and you can adjust flavors by adding more soy sauce or sake while cooking on the table. Natural Umami of this sauce will enhance the full flavor of the ingredients.
This sauce is good not only for Sukiyaki but for cooking Meat and Potato, Tofu, Chicken Soboro and Katsu-Don, also. Try with your favorite recipe.

Recipe: Poke Sukiyaki with lots of vegetables
Nijiya’s duBreton Pork

ニジヤ・オリジナルのすき焼きのたれは、昆布だしを使ったあっさりたれ。 食卓ですき焼きを作る際、薄まったら少しお醤油を、煮詰まったら少しお酒を、など味をお好みで調整しやすいよう、旨味と甘みを生かして作られています。 NO MSGで、食材の自然なおいしさが味わえる、ニジヤ自慢のすき焼きのたれです。 すき焼き以外にも、肉じゃが、肉豆腐、鶏そぼろ、カツ丼のたれなどにご利用いただけます。


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