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NIJIYA “NUKADOKO(Rice Bran Bed for Pickles)” SET

Posted on 26th July 2013 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

Nijiya “Nukadoko set” is a new sale item and all the necessary ingredients has been set- Organic Rice Bran, Salt, Dried Konbu Seaweed and Red Chili Peppers- to set it up. You can make your own Nukazuke at home with this convenient set.
Nukazuke is popular Japanese pickles that are pickled with lactic fermented rice bran. Basically, vegetables and fish are pickled with it.
Popular ingredient for Nukazuke is vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplants, Daikon radish, turnips and carrots and usually need one to two days to complete pickling.
You can seize many advantages from Nukazuke “at home” more than “retail”. For example, you can use seasonal and favorite ingredients and choose your favorite degree of pickling.
What is better than other products is that this set contains “soy sauce powder” that makes our Nukadoko unique. Please use the container of this package for your convenience.

糠漬けとは、米糠を乳酸発酵させて作った糠床の中に野菜や魚などの食材を漬け込んで作る日本の代表的なお漬物の一つです。 糠漬けは、一般にキュウリ・ナス・大根・カブ・人参・などを糠床に1、2日ほど漬けて作ります。自家製の糠床は、市販品の漬物より、旬のおいしい野菜を好みの漬かり具合で食べられるのが魅力です。
ニジヤの「おうちで手作り・糠床セット」の米糠には、糠床をさらにおいしくする粉末醤油もブレンドされています。 また、パッケージの容器をそのままご利用いただけて便利です。
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