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Hiyashi Noodles

Posted on 26th July 2013 in Deli & Sushi

Hiyashi Chuka / 冷やし中華

Even you are Ramen lover or not, Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) is very attractive in the hot season. This ideal meal in summer has smooth sensation when you swallowing, and helps supplying proteins, vitamins and minerals with plenty of toppings such as Cha-siu, imitation crab meat, egg, cucumbers, tomatoes, and shiitake mushrooms.
Additionally, soup aside is Nijiiya Homemade – refreshing and a hint of sesame flavor. Of course no MSG is added.


Zaru Soba, Zaru Udon / ざるそば、ざるうどん

Combination with noodles and tempra or sushi is gorgeous and very popular. Compared with them, these items seem very simple.
Since some people may consider the amount of carbohydrate and fat intake, these simple bowls obviously give advantages.
You can create your own combination with variety of Nijiya side dishes- cooked fish, meat and tofu items for protein intake, cooked vegetables or salad for vitamins and minerals intake. It will be fun to explore combinations with good nutrient balance.
Enjoy healthy eats!


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