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Nijiya Selection: Orita-En Tea / おりた園のお茶

Posted on 10th April 2012 in Grocery

Our Recommendation

[Orita-En] – Teas by Nobuo Orita, the Tea Maestro.

Kagoshima is known for its tea, and Nijiya is proud to introduce “Orita-En,” the Orita Tea Farm. Unlike many other tea companies in Japan that source their leaves from other farmers, Mr. Orita produces all of his tea leaves at his own farms. He will then process the leaves at his own facility and packs them there, overseeing the whole production process. That’s why we call him a maestro, a true tea master.

Flavor chracteristics

All of his teas have unmistakably rich and strong flavors.

Yes, No Middleman.

The orders from Nijiya are packed especially in a separate lot to guarantee the freshness and the quality every time. As soon as the lot is ready, it is assembled into a container and shipped directly from Shibushi, Kagoshima.


[折田園のお茶] – 茶匠 折田信夫作






Chiran has many tea farms. The mountain is called Satsuma Fuji, a Kagoshima version of Mt. Fuji.
Mr. Orita’s tea farm. This one pictured here uses organic farming techniques. What determines the flavor of the tea? Yes, it is the soil.
折田さん自慢の茶畑。写真は無農薬栽培の畑です。 お茶の味を決めるのはやはり土でした。土の味でどのような味のお茶になるか分かるそうです。


FUKAMUSHI SENCHA (Deep Steamed Green Tea)

Fuka-mushi-sencha has a richer flavor and deeper green color due to the longer steam process. The flavor is soft and often with a strong hint of sweetness. The wait time is shorter than regular green tea, so you can enjoy it without the hassle.



Premium Fukamushi Sencha

This is our favorite blend tea with a very strong and rich flavor. It has the best balance of color, flavor, and aroma from the Orita Farm.



Fukamushi Cha “Fukamidori”

The “Fukamidori” (Deep Green) variety is one of the most popular of Kagoshima tea. It is deep-steamed and the result is a rich,satisfying flavor.



GABA Green Tea (Tea Bags)

This tea contains a higher level of “GABA,” Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid. It is believed to help reduce stress and relax the nervous system. This one comes in tea bags, so it is easy to use.



Catechin Powder Tea

This tea contains 1.3 times the amount of catechin in regular tea, as a result of the longer exposure to the intense summer sun. Katechin is an antioxidant and it is believed to help reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol.


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