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Nijiya Nori Tsukudani / ニジヤ海苔佃煮

Posted on 6th February 2013 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

New items are added to our popular “Nijiya Small Bottle” series-Nori Tsukudani and Nori Tsukudani w/Shiitake. Nori tsukudani is made with very simple ingredients-Nori seaweed and seasonings, and added Shiitake Mushrooms to it is Nori tsukudani Shiitake.

Nori Seaweed is rich in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals. In addition, we made it without MSG and thickener so that you feel natural and gently smooth taste. Enjoy on steamed rice and of course with Onigiri!

Because of chilled item, these items are not available online.

お手軽サイズで好評のニジヤ手作り小瓶シリーズに、のり佃煮が加わりました。 ごはんがすすむシンプルな「のり佃煮」と、しいたけの香りが食欲を誘う「のり佃煮 ・しいたけ」の2種類。



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