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Nijiya Exquisite Sake-kasu / ニジヤ極上酒粕

Posted on 4th November 2012 in Grocery, Nijiya Brand

Sake is made ​​on the basis of raw materials rice, rice koji and water.
Fermented soft solid, called “Moromi (mash)”, is formed in the brewing process. Sake is the liquid resulted from squeezing “Moromi”, and its residue is “Sake-kasu (lees)”.

Nijiya’s Sake-kasu is more matured and pasted lees called “Neri-kasu”. This superb Sake-kasu has more umami and is rich in aroma and taste. It is also fresh and soft so that you can use it easily.

A lot of nutrients from yeast remains in Sake-kasu, including carbhydrates, proteins, fibers, and vitamin B. It is certainly a healthy food. You can use Sake-kasu for daily dishes such as Kasu-jiru, pickles, and desserts.

Because of chilled item, these items are not available online.





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