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NIjiya Shio Koji / ニジヤ塩麹

Posted on 1st August 2014 in Grocery, Media

Shio Koji became firmly established as a seasoning in Japanese foods. It seems like it has been found in the recent years, but it is traditional Japanese seasoning that were first made in the Tohoku region. Salt and koji was fermented and combined with water.
If you put shio Koji on meat and fish, a protein and starch is broken down into amino acids and sugar, and the taste is more flavorful. It could also be enjoyed with vegetables and drained tofu.
It is simple to use. For meat and fish, apply two teaspoons of shio koji, wrap it in plastic, and refrigerate for two to three hours and then bake it. For vegetables, cut into desired pieces and put it in a plastic bag. Add in two teaspoons of Shio Koji and make sure the veggies are glared with the koji. Enjoy after cooling it for two to three hours. If you let it cool overnight, the results are more flavorful.
Please enjoy Nijiya’s Homemade Shio Koji for your everyday cooking!

和食の調味料としてすっかり定着した塩麹。 近年登場したものではなく、麹と塩、水を合わせて発酵させた日本の伝統的な調味料で、東北地方で作られていた麹漬物がルーツと言われています。
使い方は簡単。肉や魚の切り身は小さじ2杯程度の塩麹を全体に塗ってラップに包み、冷蔵庫で2〜3時間以上置いてからそのまま焼くだけ。 野菜は適当な大きさに切ってビニール袋に入れ、小さじ2杯程度の塩麹を入れてまぶします。これも冷蔵庫で2〜3時間以上置いてからお召し上がり下さい。一晩置くと、さらに旨味が増します。

Nijiya Recipe ” NIjiya Shio Koji / ニジヤ塩麹 “
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