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Shoyu & Shio Koji, + Rayu! / 醤油麹、塩麹、食べるラー油!

Posted on 26th September 2012 in Grocery, Media, Nijiya Brand

Small Bottle Seasoning Series

Nijiya Homemade Shoyu-Koji

Shoyu Koji is now very popular following “Shio-Koji”.

It is made with soy sauce and malted rice.
Because soy sauce is fermented food, Shoyu Koji has over 10 times of Glutamine compared with Shio Koji. In short, Shoyu Koji has more Umami than Shio Koji.

The point is an excellent balance of Umami, Sweetness, Saltiness, and Flavor. In addition, Fermented foods are very nutritious and will help people being healthy.

How to use it? Shoyu Koji is all around player for any cook. For example;

  • Substitution of soy sauce for Grilled Meats/Fish/Vegetables, Natto, or Sashimi.
  • Seasoning for cooked vegetables(Boiled/Steamed/Stir fried/etc), Meatballs/Hamburgers, Gyoza Dumplings, Fried Rice, or Soup
  • Subsidiary for Steamed Rice, Tofu, Cheese, or Fresh Vegetables.
  • Dressing as mixing with Vinegar and Vegetable oils.

Nijiya Homemade Shio-Koji

Shio-koji is very popular in Japan. Shio-koji is Japan’s traditional seasoning made by fermenting and maturing a mixture of rice malt, salt, and water. It has long been used as a seasoning for pickled vegetables and fish.

Nowadays, shio-koji has been known as the “magical ingredient that makes any material delicious” and has been used in many different ways.

It can be used to pickle vegetables, fish, meat, and tofu or used as an ingredient for stewed dishes, fried dishes, pasta dishes, and dessert. By spreading one or two tablespoons of shio-koji on a sliced piece of meat or fish and letting it sit for a half day or day wrapped in saran wrap (refrigerated), that makes the piece of meat or fish extra tender and flavorful.

Nijiya original “Taberu-Rayu”

looks very spicy but not so spicy.

Taberu-Rayu is all the range since a few years ago, and also, our original Taberu-Rayu has been also very popular since then.
The Nijiya Original Taberu-Rayu is renewed and coming with the same line of “Nijiya Small Bottle Series”

The significant point of this item is “Umami” from Konbu Seaweed and Dried Shrimp. In addition, plenty of fried garlic adds chunky texture.

Delicious on steamed rice, Ramen Noodle and Gyoza, and great for stir fry or BBQ.
We select less spicy pepper so everyone can enjoy the great taste, even kids or people who are not good at spicy food.

Because of chilled item, these items are not available online.


ニジヤ手作り うまみの醤油麹



ニジヤ手作り やさしい塩麹




ニジヤ手作り 辛そうで辛くない食べるラー油





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