Nijiya Brand / ニジヤブランド

[catlist id=23 numberposts=10 content=yes class=lcp_catlist_content template=list_content thumbnail=yes] Nijiya Market is making an effort everyday to provide safe, healthy and delicious food products to our customers because we believe that consuming better quality of food helps us become healthier in body and mind.

As a part of this effort, we have been developing “Nijiya Brand” products now we offer than 100 varieties of “nijiya Brand” products at the stores.

Our main focus on creating Nijiya Brand Products is

•Traceable and using particular
•Premium ingredients

We set a high standard in product quality, and only the products that have passed our guidelines are available at the store. Because we are very serious about developing Nijiya Brand to provide better products to our customers for satisfaction, we proudly offer Nijiya Brand products .

You can purchase Nijiya Brand products online.
* Some products are only available at physical stores.

* いつくかの商品は店舗のみでのご提供となります。

安心で安全な食品、より美味しい本物の味、さらに栄養的にも優れた食品・・・ニジヤマーケットにおいて特に力をいれているのがプライベートブラ ンドの開発です。



などが挙げられ、社内での厳しい審査をくぐり抜けてきたものだけが商品化さ れ、現在では約100種類ものニジヤオリジナル商品が店頭に並んでいます。妥協 をゆるさず、良いものをとことん追求し続け、これからもお客様に喜んで頂け るような商品を開発してまいります。