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Nijiya Cherry Gift 2023 / ニジヤチェリーギフト2023

Posted on 16th May 2023 in Uncategorized

American Cherry Gift to Japan
Order now!

The Cherry Gift season has been here to send to your loved ones in Japan!

Have you placed any orders yet? Please do not miss this special chance to send love and appreciation to someone in Japan. We will be looking forward to your order until last minute.

Order due date:
Auvil Farm Cherries – CR-1, CR-2, CR-3, CD-1, CD-2, CD-3, CS-1, CS-2
Order by: June 30th (Fri)

Expected delivery: around the mid of July to the end of July

Select American Cherries – PD-1, PD-2, PD-3, PS-1, PS-2
Order by: June 18th (Sun)

Expected delivery: around the end of June to the beginning of July

We are always more than happy to support your purchase through the whole process.
Please contact us at any time if you have any questions. You can reach us at our customer support via email or over the phone. Please also visit our physical stores as you see fit.

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オービル農園産チェリー CR-1, CR-2, CR-3, CD-1, CD-2, CD-3, CS-1, CS-2
お申込み締切り: 6月30日(金)まで

予定配達期間: 7月中旬~下旬頃


厳選アメリカンチェリー PD-1,PD-2,PD-3,PS-1,PS-2
お申込み締切り: 6月18日(日)まで



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