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Nijiya Osechi 2024/ おせちの予約受付開始!

Posted on 21st November 2023 in Japan, Nijiya Market, Online Store, Stores
We will start accepting pre-orders for Nijiya Osechi soon.
Please wait a moment.

Thank you very much for ordering our Osechi!! The online orders have reached to the limit and have ended. However there’s only a limited amount in stock depending on products at each store. For more information, please ask our staff at the store near you. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We take your orders now!

As usual, our Osechi will be partially imported from Japan! You can place an order online now and pickup at Nijiya store near you on the date below. Limited quantity.
You can place an order at our store as well.
Pickup date: Dec. 31st (Sun.), 2023

**Only available for in-store pickup.




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