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Nijiya’s Charcoal Grilled Eel / ニジヤ うなぎ蒲焼

Posted on 4th July 2017 in Meat & Fish

Eels for summer! During the height of a hot summer season, let’s eat eel rich in vitamins to give oneselves added vigor.

※On  the day of the ox in midsummer  Japanese have a custom to eat eel which started in the Edo period .

Tuesday, July 25th  and Sunday, August 6th in this summer!!

◾︎Full-scale charcoal fire eel kabayaki with no chemical additives

This is a healthy eel dish using special sauce without any chemical additives. The use of charcoal in grilling imparts a savory aroma and keeps the flesh plump and juicy. Nijiya’s eel kabayaki is a highly recommended food for connoisseurs.

◾︎Kagoshima-made charcoal eel kabayaki

Kagoshima is currently the largest producer of eels shipped in Japan. Among their eel kabayaki products is a kabayaki grilled with a special sauce and using Binchotan charcoal. The method of slow grilling over high heat imparts a savory aroma to the eel.

夏にはやっぱりうなぎ! 2017年の「土用の丑の日」は2回。一の丑:7月25日(火)、ニの丑:8月6日(日) これから夏本番の暑い時期、ビタミンたっぷりのうなぎを食べてスタミナをつけましょう。





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Natural Shoyu Ikura

Posted on 16th October 2014 in Meat & Fish

We marinate the choicest ikura (salmon roe), from carefully selected fresh Alaskan salmon roe in our special sauce.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to rice or sushi. You won’t find this delicious, natural shoyu ikura (salmon roe marinated in soy sauce) anywhere else.



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Lightly Salted Wild Salmon from the Copper River
カッパーリバー産 天然甘塩紅鮭

Posted on 16th October 2014 in Meat & Fish

We recommend Copper River salmon because of its low sodium content, which is good for the body.

The Copper River is known for its long, treacherously choppy waves.
Salmon must consume and store a lot of nutrition in order to complete their journey upstream on this river. As a result, the fat content of salmon in the Copper River is approximately 2.5 times that of regular salmon. For this reason, Copper River Salmon is world famous.

Each year during the season of peak freshness, Nijiya produces enough lightly salted Copper River salmon for the entire year. Because we keep ample stock, customers know they can enjoy delicious Copper River salmon throughout the year.




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100% all natural! duBreton Pork / ニジヤのナチュラルポーク、デュブレトン

Posted on 6th May 2014 in Meat & Fish

Nijiya’s duBreton Pork is from Canada and it has been fed with 100% all natural vegetables including corn, soybean meal, wheat, gluten flour, beans and soy. The pork has no chemicals such as antibiotics; the process of breeding, feeding, and meat processing was thoroughly checked by monitors so the pork is healthy and safe. 
  DuBreton Pork is filled with vitamins! Compared to other meats, our pork has Vitamin E1 that is good for stamina. It also has Vitamin B2 that promotes growth, Vitamin E to help us stay young, and it has minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur, and potassium which helps with metabolism. To our elderly and children, it is filled with nutrients that help the body.

  ニジヤのduBreton Porkは、カナダの大自然の中、とうもろこし、大豆ミール、小麦、グルテン麦粉、豆、押し大豆を含む植物性穀物を飼料に100%オールナチュラルで飼育されています。 抗生物質等の薬品は一切使わず、飼育、飼料、肉加工までの生産全過程を全てモニターして厳しくチェックした、安全でかつ健康的な豚肉です。
   duBreton Porkは、ビタミンの宝庫!ほかの食肉に比べて、私たちのスタミナ源でもあるビタミンE1を数倍も多く含んでいます。また、成長を促進するビタミンB2、代謝を手助けしてくれるカリウム、リン、イオウなどのミネラル、そして若さを保つといわれるビタミンEなど。 お子様からご年配の方まで、体に役立つ栄養素がたくさん詰まっているのです。 

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Nijiya Homemade Satsuma-Age Ball! / タコ丸天&イカ丸天 新登場!

Posted on 1st April 2013 in Meat & Fish, Media, Nijiya Brand

New items are added to NIJIYA HOMEMADE SATSUMA-AGE!

“IKA MARU (Fish cake with Squid) and “TAKO MARU (Fish cake with octopus)” debuted in our homemade SATSUMA AGE series as a “one bite fish cake ball”

They are made with squid or octopus, plenty of cabbage, other vegetables, and selected Alaskan Pollack paste, and NO MSG. The tastes are very close to Okonomi-Yaki(Japanese pancake) or Takoyaki(Pancake ball with octopus), but both has less carbohydrate and more protein.

Please taste as it is, or use as an ingredient of Oden, hot pot, Nimono, and soup.

ニジヤ手作りさつま揚げに、タコ丸天&イカ丸天 新登場!

多くのお客様に好評いただいております手作りさつまあげに、新しい仲間が加わります。 その名も「タコまる天」「イカまる天」。可愛い一口サイズのさつま揚げです。 アラスカ産・高級スケソウダラのすり身に、タコ、イカ、それぞれの身を加えて練り上げました。キャベツや他の野菜もたっぷり入っています。

まるでたこ焼き、お好み焼きのような味わいですが、本物のそれらより炭水化物量は控えめ、タンパク質アップになるヘルシーおかず。他のさつま揚げ同様、NO MSGで安心してお召し上がりいただけます。そのままでももちろん、お鍋やおでん、煮物、お吸物など、幅広くご利用いただけます。

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Posted on 31st July 2012 in Deli & Sushi, Meat & Fish, Media


NIJIYA ORIGINAL SATSUMA-AGE (FISH CAKE) is made with selected Alaskan Pollack paste. We never use MSG so that customers can feel natural taste of fish and other ingredients.

Please also watch our cute commercial below!!


This traditional fish cake is very nutritious – made with variety of vegetables-onions, carrots, burdock, and sweet potato. A hint of sweetness from sweet potato is enhancing the beautiful flavor.


Crashed and whole Edamame is kneaded with fish paste. Edamame is known as wholesome food because it is rich in Vitamin A and C that are not significant amount with Soybeans.

Ham & Cheese:

This “Pizza-like” fish cake is kid’s favorite, and can be a healthy and nutritious snack for all generations. We use selected Nijiya Original Ham that is with No MSG.

Dried Shrimp & Green Onion:

Crashed superior dried shrimp is kneaded with fish paste and green onion. Please enjoy the harmonious aroma of shrimp and green onion and feel the Umami of seafood.

ニジヤ手作り さつま揚げ

ニジヤの手作りさつま揚げは、アラスカ産の高級スケソウダラのすり身を使用。NO MSGの優しい味わいです。






ハムとチーズ。まるでピザのような組み合わせは、お子様も大好きなテイスト。おやつにもおつまみにもぴったりです。ハムはニジヤ特製のNO MSGハムを使用しています。


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Nijiya Tuna Flakes / ニジヤ ツナ缶

Posted on 1st June 2012 in Meat & Fish, Media, Nijiya Brand

Nijiya Select Tuna Flakes

We are introducing new light style tuna cans. We use select skipjack tuna is lower in fat content, resulting in lower calories. Skipjack tuna is also a great source of EPA, DHA, taurine, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D.

It comes in two styles; in water and in oil. With safety our topmost concern, purified water is used for the “in water” and non-GMO soybean oil for the “in oil” version.

The skipjack tuna are sourced in the Pacific and Indian ocean and processed in a state-of-the-art facility in Indonesia. The facility is operated and managed by industry leading Japanese firms, so the production is under strict safety and quality control. Using high-tech production equipment and techniques, the products meet the always demanding standard of Japanese consumers.

Please try our Japanese style select tuna flakes at a price you don’t find anywhere else.

ニジヤ セレクトツナ缶シリーズ






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Tuna Filleting Performance! / マグロの解体ショー

Posted on 4th April 2012 in Meat & Fish

Please come and enjoy our Tuna Filleting Performance on 4/14 Sat!
Starting at 11:00am @ 5 Stores:
Torrance, West L.A., Little Tokyo, San Diego, Mountain View.

マグロの解体ショー 4/14(土) 11:00am~ お楽しみに!
Torrance, West L.A., Little Tokyo, San Diego, Mountain View.

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High-End IBERICO Pork / 超高級イベリコ豚

Posted on 11th November 2011 in Meat & Fish

High-End Black Pork “IBERICO Pork” is now available at Nijiya!!

“Iberico Pork” is s super premium pork from Spain and well recognized among gourmet. What’s special about this pork? They are pastured without resistance in nature. Each pig is assigned a lot more space than that of regular pigs. In addition, they are 100% acorn-fed. It is all natural without GMO, and hormone drugs. It is not distributed in U.S.A. except for some restaurants. This time, Nijiya Market has just started carrying Iberico Pork as one of our meat selections. Nijiya Market carries only the highest grade of Iberico Pork (De Bellota). Please try this super premium pork!!

超高級イベリコ豚 販売開始!

“イベリコ豚”は食通の間では有名なスペインの超高級豚です。日本のTV番組等で数多く取り上げられているので名前だけはご存知の方も多いと思います。“イベリコ豚”は大自然の中でのびのびと放牧されており、1頭あたりの飼育面積が他の豚とは比べ物になりません。さらに餌はドングリのみという変り種。もちろん遺伝子組み換えやホルモン等の投与は一切行われていない100%ナチュラルのポークです。 アメリカでは一部のレストランを除き一般では購入不可能でしたが、ついにニジヤマーケットでの販売を開始!特に最高グレードの“デ・ベジョータ”のみを取り扱います。豚を超えた豚。この至高の味わいをぜひご賞味ください。

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Nijiya Shabu-Shabu / ニジヤ しゃぶしゃぶ

Posted on 19th October 2011 in Fruit & Vegetable, Meat & Fish, Media

Shabu-Shabu season is coming! You can buy all the ingredients for Nabe (hot pot) party at your local Nijiya store: Dubreton pork slice, Nijiya sesame sauce, organic vegitables and organic Tofu. You can also watch this video on TV from middle of October.


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