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Nijiya Salmon Oshi-Sushi / ニジヤ サーモン押し寿司

Posted on 12th September 2011 in Deli & Sushi, Meat & Fish, Media

Oshi-sushi is actually pronounced “Oshi-zushi.” You can buy all the ingredients (fresh salmon, salmon roe, shiso leaf, sushi rice, and sesame) at your local Nijiya store. You can also watch this video on TV from middle of September.

ニジヤの新しいCM「ニジヤ サーモン押し寿司」がついに完成しました!押し寿司の材料(サーモン、イクラ、シソ、ごま、酢飯)全てニジヤにて取り揃えております!9月中旬よりTVでも放送されます♪

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