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Nijiya’s Charcoal Grilled Eel / ニジヤ うなぎ蒲焼

Posted on 4th July 2017 in Meat & Fish

Eels for summer!
During the height of a hot summer season, let’s eat eel rich in vitamins to give oneselves added vigor.

※On  the day of the ox in midsummer  Japanese have a custom to eat eel which started in the Edo period .

Tuesday, July 25th  and Sunday, August 6th in this summer!!

◾︎Full-scale charcoal fire eel kabayaki with no chemical additives

This is a healthy eel dish using special sauce without any chemical additives. The use of charcoal in grilling imparts a savory aroma and keeps the flesh plump and juicy. Nijiya’s eel kabayaki is a highly recommended food for connoisseurs.

◾︎Kagoshima-made charcoal eel kabayaki

Kagoshima is currently the largest producer of eels shipped in Japan. Among their eel kabayaki products is a kabayaki grilled with a special sauce and using Binchotan charcoal. The method of slow grilling over high heat imparts a savory aroma to the eel.






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