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High-End IBERICO Pork / 超高級イベリコ豚

Posted on 11th November 2011 in Meat & Fish

High-End Black Pork “IBERICO Pork” is now available at Nijiya!!

“Iberico Pork” is s super premium pork from Spain and well recognized among gourmet. What’s special about this pork? They are pastured without resistance in nature. Each pig is assigned a lot more space than that of regular pigs. In addition, they are 100% acorn-fed. It is all natural without GMO, and hormone drugs. It is not distributed in U.S.A. except for some restaurants.
This time, Nijiya Market has just started carrying Iberico Pork as one of our meat selections. Nijiya Market carries only the highest grade of Iberico Pork (De Bellota). Please try this super premium pork!!

超高級イベリコ豚 販売開始!


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