It’s new ! Seafood & crab gyoza and fried crabmeat pate!

Posted on 4th October 2016 in Nijiya Brand

A Nijiya’s new line up is tasty and healthy Seafood Crab gyoza. It is a sumptuous gyoza stuffed with full of hand picked crabmeat. The rich flavor comes from the harmony of Snow crabmeat, cabbage, green onion and Alaskan Pollack meat without any chemical additives.
Sumptuous fried crabmeat pate is also a new line up. It is simply cooked to bring the flavor of Snow crab meat and Alaskan Pollack meat.
They are great as dinner or as hors d’oeuvre. Enjoy Seafood & crabmeat gyoza and fried crabmeat pate with a rich flavor of the sea.


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Recipe / レシピ更新「Eggplant and Chicken Curry Cheese Bake / なすとチキンのカレーチーズ焼き」

Posted on 6th August 2016 in Nijiya Recipe

We have posted the recipes. 

「Eggplant and Chicken Curry Cheese Bake / なすとチキンのカレーチーズ焼き」

Nijiya Curry Flakes ニジヤカレーフレーク

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Gochiso Magazine 2016 Summer / 『ごちそうマガジン』2016年夏号

Posted on 28th July 2016 in Media

Nijiya’s seasonal magazine “Gochiso Magazine 2016 Summer” is finally published. Full of delicious recipe and food. It’s Free at all Nijiya stores.


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Introducing our new Nijiya Curry Flakes! / ニジヤカレーフレーク新登場!

Posted on 19th July 2016 in Nijiya Brand

From the popular request of our customers, it is finally here! Nijiya Curry Flakes has a blend of 18 spices and 4 fruit juices. It does not contain any meat, it only has natural ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected to create a homemade style curry that is medium spicy, and kids will sure to love the sweetness that comes from the fruit juices. It is in an easy-to-use flake form which dissolves easily so it may be used in a variety of dishes such as stir-fries, karaage, croquette, and pasta.

お客様からリクエストの多かったニジヤカレーフレークがいよいよ登場です。 ニジヤらしいこだわりを交えながら丹精込めて開発した新商品。 18種類のスパイスと4種類の果汁をブレンドし、食べやすく飽きの来ない、手作り感のあるカレーに仕上げました。 化学調味料はもちろん、保存料等の添加物、動物由来原料は使用しておりません。 ひとつひとつのスパイスや原料にこだわり、フルーツ果汁をブレンドすることでお子様にも好まれるコクと旨味を出した中辛タイプ。 使いやすいフレーク状なので、溶けやすく炒め物・唐揚げ・コロッケ・パスタ等、様々なお料理にも調味料感覚でお使いいただけます。 優しい味わいと香りをどうぞお楽しみください。

*Nijiya Recipe
Eggplant and Chicken Curry Cheese Bake / なすとチキンのカレーチーズ焼き
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Two new summer salads! / 夏のサラダ2種、新登場!

Posted on 31st May 2016 in Deli & Sushi

Two new summer salads were created by Nijiya!

The wild rice salad uses some of very popular super food Wild Rice, Quinoa, lentil beans, red kidney bean, Edamame mixed with well-balanced fresh greens. Nijiya’s organic salted lemon dressing brings all the great flavor.

The Bagna Cauda salad comes with Nijiya’s original Bagna caudal dipping sauce typical of Piedmont Italy. The sauce is made with garlic, anchovies and olive oil and a great match for fresh stick vegetables.

Enjoy healthy fresh summer salad!





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Gochiso Magazine Making / ご馳走マガジン 撮影情報

Posted on 22nd April 2016 in Media

We are making Gochiso Magazine now!
The video above is the making of kids challenge part.


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Gochiso Magazine 2016 Spring / 『ごちそうマガジン』2016年 春号

Posted on 19th April 2016 in Top News

Nijiya’s seasonal magazine “Gochiso Magazine 2016 Spring” is finally published. Full of delicious recipe and food. It’s Free at all Nijiya stores.


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Two new Gyoza by Nijiya! /ニジヤ手作り餃子2種新発売!

Posted on 5th April 2016 in Deli & Sushi

The seafood gyoza is made with fresh plump ship, squid meat, scallops and Alaska pollock. The juicy pork Gyoza has cabbage and green onions. We do not use any additives nor MSG.
Enjoy these new Gyoza by Nijiya.

ぷりぷりの海老に新鮮なイカやホタテの貝柱、アラスカ産スケソウダラを加えた贅沢な海鮮海老餃子。キャベツや青ねぎなどの野菜をたっぷり使った豚肉餃子。どちらも化学調味料を使用せず、No MSGでヘルシーな手作り餃子で、ご家族皆様で安心してお召し上がりいただけます。

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Posted on 16th March 2016 in Top News, Torrance

3月19日(土)①11時~ ②15時~
3月20日(日)①11時~ ②14時~ ③15時~

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Sumidaya Rice Demonstration and Mini Cooking Class! 

Posted on 4th March 2016 in Top News

SUMIDA YA is a rice wholesaler in Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, in Japan.
Founded in 1905, Sumida ya specializes in premium grade rice.
Its knowledge of polishing and blending rice sets their products apart from other brands. They polish the rice slowly to keep the aroma and blend a few variety of rice together to bring out the best flavor.

Please come to see the demonstration this weekend!

Demonstration will show making of rice so please come and try the samples!
@Torrance Store
Friday, March 11th: 17:00~19:00
Saturday, March 12th: 09:00~18:00
Tuesday, March 15th: Cooking rice class 10:00~11:00
@San Francisco  Store
Sunday, March 13th: 10:00~18:00


3月11日(金)17:00~19:00 トーランス店にてデモ試食販売
3月12日(土)09:00~18:00 トーランス店にてデモ試食販売
3月13日(日)10:00~18:00 サンフランシスコ店にて試食販売並びに炊飯教室
3月15日(火)10:00~11:00 トーランス店にて炊飯教室

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