Sumidaya Rice Demonstration and Mini Cooking Class!


Posted on 12th October 2018 in Uncategorized

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Gochiso Magazine Making/ご馳走マガジン撮影情報

Posted on 26th September 2018 in Uncategorized
We are making Gochiso Magazine now! The video above is the making of kids challenge part. ただ今、ご馳走マガジン作成中! きっずチャレンジの撮影、無事終了しました。
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Gochiso Magazine 2015 Winter / 『ごちそうマガジン』2015冬号

Posted on 7th January 2015 in Uncategorized

Nijiya’s seasonal magazine “Gochiso Magazine 2013 Fall” is finally published. Full of delicious recipe and food. It’s Free at all Nijiya stores.

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Healthy Gozen / ヘルシー御膳

Posted on 5th April 2013 in Deli & Sushi, Uncategorized

We proudly introduce our new bento box “Healthy Gozen” which is filled with variety of healthy ingredients such as organic Brown rice with three kinds of toppings, broiled mackerel seasoned with Shio-Koji, cooked hijiki seaweed, cooked kidney beans, fried Tofu, and cooked vegetables. It supplies well-balanced nutrition with three major nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
You can taste our popular organic rice and several kinds of side dishes with one bento box “Healthy Gozen”.
Please enjoy it daily to support your healthy life or take it to the picnic!


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