Nijiya Cherry Gift 2018 / ニジヤ チェリーギフト 2018

Posted on 8th May 2018 in Nijiya Gift

Nijiya Cherry Gift 2018 / Order Here!

ニジヤ チェリーギフト 2018 / ご注文はこちらから!


Yakima Valley is located in Orondo, Washington and the fertile volcanic soil and the warm, sunny weather next to the desert makes it a great place for cherry growing. Send the limited, sweet and tasteful premium American cherry to relatives and friends in Japan.

◼︎発送期間予定 / Shipment Plan

オービル農園 7月中旬~下旬
Auvil Cherries – around middle of July to the end of July

その他 6月下旬~7月中旬
Other Cherries – around the end of June to the middle of July.


◼︎締切り / Order Deadline

6/25 までとさせていただきますが、お申し込み状況で早まる場合がございます。

June 25th for all stores. If you have any questions, please contact our staff.

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Auvil Cherry Update on June 29th / 6月29日時点のオービルチェリー情報

Posted on 27th June 2017 in Nijiya Gift

Auvil Cherry Update on June 29th

The harvesting cherries for the Domestic market starts today. The harvesting for the Japanese market is on schedule!



Auvil Cherry Update on June 27th

Currently the weather is fairly stable in areas around Auvil Farm in Orondo, WA, and there is no rain in the forecast after this week.

The yield is reportedly better this year, and if the weather permits, the harvest will start on July 5th. The cherries reserved for Japan are scheduled to be shipped out starting from July 14th through 20th. It will, however, depend on the weather, and under certain circumstances the shipment may get delayed until after July 21st.

We are hoping the weather will stay good for the next couple of weeks, and we will report again whenever the situation changes.




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Nijiya Cherry Gift to Japan 2017

Posted on 4th May 2017 in Nijiya Gift

Finally, we started taking cherry gift orders to Japan.
Please see the detail from here.

*Auvil Cherry Update on June 27th



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High Quality Cherry Available in California!!

Posted on 6th July 2012 in Fruit & Vegetable, Nijiya Gift

Order for Japanese Gift Quality Rainier Cherry!

Enjoy the popular Rainier cherry from well-known Auvil farm.
Available exclusively at Nijiya Market.

$39.99 / Box (2.2LB)

Place your order by 7/19 (Thu) at the front desk of your local Nijiya Market.
Your estimated pick-up date will be 7/23(Mon) ~ 7/25(Wed)

  • Offer only available at California Nijiya Markets
  • Pick-up date may vary due to changes in harvesting time
  • More details available at your local Nijiya stores

最高級 オービル農園レイニア・チェリー


$39.99 / 箱 (2.2LB)



  • カリフォルニア店舗のみでの販売となります。(ハワイ、ニューヨーク各店ではご利用いただけません)
  • お渡しの日程は果実の発育状況により変更になることもございます。
  • 詳しくはお近くのニジヤマーケットまでお問い合わせください。
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Nijiya Cherry Gift 2012

Posted on 14th May 2012 in Nijiya Gift

Finally, we started taking cherry gift orders to Japan.
Please see the detail from here.


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Sumo as a Gift! / デコポン ギフト登場

Posted on 16th February 2012 in Fruit & Vegetable, Nijiya Gift

Sumo is now available as a gift through our online store! Please check the detail here.

デコポンがギフトとして登場しました! 詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。

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Nijiya Gift Card / ニジヤ ギフトカード

Posted on 23rd December 2011 in Nijiya Gift
Introducing Nijiya Market Gift Cards!
Please check the detail here.
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Nijiya Cherry Closed / ニジヤチェリー2011締切り

Posted on 1st July 2011 in Nijiya Gift

We closed Nijiya Cherry order as of 2011 June 30th.
It will be shipped around the middle to the end of July.


Cherry Detail / チェリー詳細
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Last Day Cherry Gift / チェリーギフト最終日

Posted on 30th June 2011 in Nijiya Gift

6/30 Today is the last day of cherry gift to Japan 2011.
Please hurry and make a reservation for your family or friends in Japan.

6/30 本日がチェリーギフト2011の最終日となります。

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Nijiya Cherry Gift to Japan Started! / 日本向けニジヤチェリーギフト予約開始!

Posted on 6th May 2011 in Nijiya Gift
Nijiya Cherry Gift to Japan has begun!! Make your reservations now!!
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