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Sumidaya Rice Demonstration and Mini Cooking Class! 

Posted on 4th March 2016 in Top News

SUMIDA YA is a rice wholesaler in Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, in Japan.
Founded in 1905, Sumida ya specializes in premium grade rice.
Its knowledge of polishing and blending rice sets their products apart from other brands.
They polish the rice slowly to keep the aroma and blend a few variety of rice together to bring out the best flavor.

Please come to see the demonstration this weekend!

Demonstration will show making of rice so please come and try the samples!
@Torrance Store
Friday, March 11th: 17:00~19:00
Saturday, March 12th: 09:00~18:00
Tuesday, March 15th: Cooking rice class 10:00~11:00
@San Francisco  Store
Sunday, March 13th: 10:00~18:00


3月11日(金)17:00~19:00 トーランス店にてデモ試食販売
3月12日(土)09:00~18:00 トーランス店にてデモ試食販売
3月13日(日)10:00~18:00 サンフランシスコ店にて試食販売並びに炊飯教室
3月15日(火)10:00~11:00 トーランス店にて炊飯教室

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