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NEW! Purple sweet potato Amazake
冷やしておいしい紫芋の甘酒 新登場!

Posted on 29th January 2014 in Deli & Sushi

A new drink [Purple sweet potato Amazake, it is good to drink cold] is here! This is a new variation of already popular [Sweet potato Amazake] introduced last year.

This [Purple sweet potato Amazake] is made with Organic purple sweet potato harvested in Nijiya’s organic farm. The organic purple sweet potato is fermented by malted rice to enhance its natural sweetness and rich flavor with no additives. There is no alcohol and no sugar added so that even small children can enjoy the drink.

The organic purple sweet potato Amazake is rich in Vitamin B, oligosaccharide, dextrose and dietary fiber. Olibosaccharide is known to increase the number of these beneficial bacteria in the colon while simultaneously reducing the population of harmful bacteria. And the color purple comes from Anthocyanin which act as powerful antioxidants and known to benefit maintaining eye sights and the liver.

This new original Purple Sweet Potato Amazake by Nijiya taste even better with your favorite ice cream or yogurt toppoings. It is also good warm or use to make a soup.

Start Amazake life with Nijiya’s Purple Sweet Potato Amazake for your beauty and health.






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