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Early Spring Sale! (1/20 – 1/23)

Posted on 20th January 2012 in Sale

Happy New Year!
Hope you would enjoy our sale this year too!
Harvest of Satsuma Imo (sweet potato) Fair starts together with the Early Spring Sale. We are bringing to you organic Satsuma Imo from our own farm, As well as some Japanese Imo dishes.

Also, we are taking Eho maki orders for Setsubun!

Please check the detail here!

2012年度もニジヤのセールをお楽しみください ♪
新春セールに、カリフォルニアとハワイ各店にて、さつまいも豊作フェアもいよいよ開催! ニジヤファームからのオーガニックさつま芋 (金時)や、芋料理各種を、お届けいたします。



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