Due to current events, we have updated store hours for all locations. We appreciate your understanding.

Senior Hour: We reserve 30 minutes prior to the opening time for seniors and other vulnerable shoppers.

Donations / 募金のお願い

We have closed all donations for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief as of May 31st.
The total donation amount reached $54,718.75, and we are going to send all collected funds to the Japan Red Cross Society.
We appreciate your generous support and wish Japan a rapid recovery from the tragedy.

Nijiya Market




Help Japan and the tsunami victims.
Every cent donated will go to
the Japanese Red Cross Society
for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief.

We set up a donation box at all stores. Thank you for your cooperation.
*If you are donating by personal check, please make it payable to Nijiya Market.

東北地方太平洋地震 義援金のお願い
全額、日本赤十字社 へ

*チェックで募金をされる場合payable はNijiya Market でお願いします。


* The organization has been changed to the Japan Red Cross Society due to its destination. Thank you for your understanding.
* 使用目的の関係上、当初の予定を変更し送金先は日本赤十字社にさせて頂きました。ご了承ください。