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  • NIJIYA HOKKAIDO FAIR! / ニジヤ北海道フェア

    This year, the Hokkaido Fair at Nijiya Market will be bigger and better! The popular Hokkaido Kaisen Chirashi will feature more Hotate and Ikura this year, and our boiled crab and steamed octopus are all from Hokkaido.

    We will have the highest grade rice varieties harvested in Hokkaido, Praised for their flavor. For the sweets, we will bring “Marusei Butter Sandwich Cookies”, one of the most popular Hokkaido souvenirs.

    In addition, we will have a variety of cheese cakes, chocolates, caramels, and more.
    There will be lots of samples, so please come and enjoy!

    *9/17 Fri. – 9/22 Mon. (California Stores Only)





    *9/17 Fri. – 9/22 Mon. (カリフォルニア店舗のみ)


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  • NIJIYA KAGOSHIMA FAIR / ニジヤ鹿児島フェア開催!


    Nijiya Kagoshima Fair!

    February, 7th (Fri.) ~ 10th (Mon.)

    The Nijiya Kagoshima Fair will be held at Nijiya Market California Stores. A lot of delicious items have arrived from Kagoshima, Japan such as satsuma-age, Kagoshima wagyu beef, fresh kanpachi and yellowtail sushi / sashimi and Karukan sweets!



    ニジヤマーケット(カリフォルニア10店舗のみ)では、2月7日(金)〜 10日(月)の間、鹿児島フェアを開催します!新鮮な鹿児島の食材が勢ぞろい!さつま揚げ、鹿児島和牛、カンパチやハマチの刺身、寿司、かるかんまんじゅうなどを取り揃えてお待ちしております!

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  • Sumidaya Rice Demonstration and Mini Cooking Class!

    SUMIDA YA is a rice wholesaler in Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, in Japan.
    Founded in 1905, Sumida ya specializes in premium grade rice.

    Its knowledge of polishing and blending rice sets their products apart from other brands. They polish the rice slowly to keep the aroma and blend a few variety of rice together to bring out the best flavor.

    Please come to see the demonstration this weekend!

    Demonstration will show making of rice so please come and try the samples! SIGN UP TODAY!!

    Friday, June 30th @Sawtelle Store
    Demonstration, Tasting & Sale : 15:00~17:00

    Saturday, July 1st @Torrance Store
    Cooking rice class: 11:00~12:00 / 15:00~16:00
    Demonstration, Tasting & Sale : 12:00~15:00

    Sunday, July 2nd @San Diego Store
    Cooking rice class: 11:00~12:00 / 15:00~16:00
    Demonstration, Tasting & Sale : 12:00~15:00



    炊飯教室:11:00~12:00 / 15:00~16:00

    炊飯教室:11:00~12:00 / 15:00~16:00

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  • Cheap Eats City TV

    Nijiya Sawtelle store was interviewed by Cheap Eats City TV!
    Thank you for introducing us with professional quality video.

    ソーテル店がCheap Eats City TV に紹介されました!

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