Due to current events, we have updated store hours for all locations. We appreciate your understanding.

Senior Hour: We reserve 30 minutes prior to the opening time for seniors and other vulnerable shoppers.

Northern California

  • NIJIYA KAGOSHIMA FAIR / ニジヤ鹿児島フェア開催!


    Nijiya Kagoshima Fair!

    February, 7th (Fri.) ~ 10th (Mon.)

    The Nijiya Kagoshima Fair will be held at Nijiya Market California Stores. A lot of delicious items have arrived from Kagoshima, Japan such as satsuma-age, Kagoshima wagyu beef, fresh kanpachi and yellowtail sushi / sashimi and Karukan sweets!



    ニジヤマーケット(カリフォルニア10店舗のみ)では、2月7日(金)〜 10日(月)の間、鹿児島フェアを開催します!新鮮な鹿児島の食材が勢ぞろい!さつま揚げ、鹿児島和牛、カンパチやハマチの刺身、寿司、かるかんまんじゅうなどを取り揃えてお待ちしております!

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  • Fresh soy sauce demonstration sale at Mountain View Store!

    Jan.16. 2016 (Sat.) – Jan.17. 2016 (Sun.)
    11:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.

    We will be having a freshly squeezed soy sauce demonstration.
    You will be able to see how soy sauce is made. We will have tofu for sampling with the soy sauce.
    In addition, when you purchase soy sauce product, you will get 50 ml of fresh soy sauce for free!


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  • San Jose on Facebook

    Nijiya Mountain View Store started updating its local news on Facebook!

    San Jose 店も Facebook 始めました!是非ご確認ください!

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  • Mountain View on Facebook

    Nijiya Mountain View Store started updating its local news on Facebook!

    Mountain View も Facebook 始めました!是非ご確認ください!

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  • San Mateo on Facebook

    Nijiya San Mateo Store is actively updating its local news on Facebook page! Please check it if you live in Northern California.

    San Mateo では常に最新情報をFacebookにて更新しています!北カリフォルニアにお住まいでしたら、是非ご確認ください!

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