Due to current events, we have updated store hours for all locations. We appreciate your understanding.

Senior Hour: We reserve 30 minutes prior to the opening time for seniors and other vulnerable shoppers.

Food Delivery near Torrance

We deliver our variety of meals to you! (Torrance Area only)


Please choose and click the delivery service to order from the list.


Uber Eats
Free Delivery fee! When you order $10 and more. / 10ドル以上のご注文で配達料無料!

Free Delivery fee! When you order $20 and more. / 20ドル以上のご注文で配達料無料!

Free Delivery fee for first orders of $15 or more! Also free delivery for return customers who haven’t ordered for while. / 初めてのオーダーの方は$15以上のご注文で配達料無料!そして、しばらくぶりのお客様も配達料無料!