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Christmas Cake / クリスマスケーキ

We will start accepting pre-orders for our Christmas cakes soon.
Please wait a moment.

Thank you very much for ordering Christmas cakes!! The online orders have reached to the limit and have ended. However there’s only a limited amount in stock at each stores. For more information, please ask our staff at the store near you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We take your orders now! (Only at California location)

We have three flavors this year! Strawberry, Chocolate, and Chestnuts! You can place an order online now and pickup at Nijiya store near you on the date below. Limited quantity.
You can place an order at our store as well.
Pickup date: Dec. 24th (Sun.) – Dec. 25th (Mon.), 2023

* The strawberries and ornaments are provided separately. Enjoy decorating with the whole family.
** For Hawaii location, please ask our staff at Hawaii stores.


お引き渡し期間:12月24日(日)ー 12月25日(月)

※ 写真は飾り付け後の完成例です。いちごやオーナメントは付属されますが、ご家族みなさまで飾り付けをお楽しみください。
※ ハワイ店に関しましては、各店舗でお問い合わせください。