Wasabi Fair at Torrance store!

Posted on 17th February 2016 in Stores, Top News, Torrance

Wasabi Fair at Torrance store! Tamaruya, the wasabi maker from Shizuoka will be doing the demo from Feb 19 through 21!
We will have many unique items, so please come and try the samples!

2月19日〜21日、トーランス店でわさびフェアを開催! 静岡の名店、田丸屋本店のこだわりわさび商品を多数取り揃えてお待ちしております! ぜひご来店ください!

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Fresh soy sauce demonstration sale at Mountain View Store!

Posted on 11th January 2016 in Mountain View

Jan.16. 2016 (Sat.) – Jan.17. 2016 (Sun.)
11:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.

We will be having a freshly squeezed soy sauce demonstration.
You will be able to see how soy sauce is made. We will have tofu for sampling with the soy sauce.
In addition, when you purchase soy sauce product, you will get 50 ml of fresh soy sauce for free!


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Nijiya Summer Coloring Contest

Posted on 11th July 2014 in Stores
Capture Please print out this PDF and bring your art work to us.
こちらの PDF をプリントアウトして、あなたの作品をお店までお持ち込みください。
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San Jose on Facebook

Posted on 1st August 2012 in San Jose

Nijiya Mountain View Store started updating its local news on Facebook!

San Jose 店も Facebook 始めました!是非ご確認ください!

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A CURRY ON WHEELS @ Nijiya Torrance

Posted on 28th October 2011 in Torrance

On 10/28(Fri) & 10/29(Sat), “A CURRY ON WHEELS” food truck comes to our Torrance parking lot!!

10/28(金)-10/29(土)、『A CURRY ON WHEELS』のトラックがトーランス店のパーキングにやってきます!

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Sawtelle Now On Facebook

Posted on 27th October 2011 in Southern California

Sawtelle is now on Facebook!!

You can find Sawtelle store deals on Facebook & Twitter.

Sawtelle NEWS
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Mountain View on Facebook

Posted on 29th August 2011 in Mountain View

Nijiya Mountain View Store started updating its local news on Facebook!

Mountain View も Facebook 始めました!是非ご確認ください!

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San Mateo on Facebook

Posted on 17th August 2011 in San Mateo

Nijiya San Mateo Store is actively updating its local news on Facebook page! Please check it if you live in Northern California.

San Mateo では常に最新情報をFacebookにて更新しています!北カリフォルニアにお住まいでしたら、是非ご確認ください!

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Cheap Eats City TV

Posted on 2nd August 2011 in Media, Sawtelle

Nijiya Sawtelle store was interviewed by Cheap Eats City TV! Thank you for introducing us with professional quality video.

ソーテル店がCheap Eats City TV に紹介されました!

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