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募集職種: 店舗マネージャー候補





IT スタッフ

ニジヤマーケットでは、フレッシュでやる気のあるIT志望の方を募集しています。 次の分野で知識・技能をお持ちの方、または勉強されている方。

Database / Application:
Microsoft SQL Server / T-SQL / BI Microsoft .Net / C# / LINQ / WPF / ASP.NET Microsoft Sharepoint / Microsoft Exchange
Cisco IOS / CLI (VPN / Firewall / 802.11x, etc) Windows Active Directory / DNS / DHCP (General networking)


選考方法: 面接、適性検査(トライアル)

雇用条件: アメリカでのはたらけるビザのお持ちの方(ビザサポート要相談)

California, NY, Hawaiiにあるニジヤマーケット各店に配属になります。

店舗 シフト制(部門により時間帯が異なります。)
総務本部 8:30-17:00
営業本部 9:30-18:00

休日休暇: 完全週休2日制(交替制)

年間休日: 107日

有給休暇: ※有給休暇は初年度5日、上限10日

保険: 雇用保険・労災保険・健康保険

福利厚生: リタイヤメントプラン(401K)


2180 W 190th St., Torrance, CA 90504
担当/人事部: 鈴木真湖(スズキマコ)
FAX 310-257-1235
本部 8:30~17:00

Nijiya Market is expanding network offering higher quality food for our customers. We are looking for individuals who can help us maintain and achieve high quality service we are striving for.



Full Time Employment

Store Managers:

Perishable Manager

You will be responsible for production and quality control of meat, fish, produce, sushi, bento, sozai, etc.

Floor Manager

You will be responsible for creating appealing retail environment that enables us to promote our products and other merchandise.

Location: Nijiyamarket store (CA,NY,HAWAII)

Working Hours: Store: Shift System (Five days a week)

Qualification and Compensation

Valid US working permit
Insurance/Benefit (Worker’s Comp/Medical/Dental/Vision)
Retirement 401K plan (option)
Maximum 10 paid vacation (5 days first year)

Import Manager:

Manages the importation of food and related food products from foreign merchants and suppliers. Responsible for developing and maintaining a system for insuring that all products are ordered and shipped and received on time and that all goods are inspected prior to acceptance by buyer and conform to samples.

Oversees the payment of invoices and the negotiation of the terms and conditions of all letters of credit and other forms of international documents of acceptance to provide for prompt and timely payment of all company invoices and charges.

Periodically verifies the credit worthiness and financial ability of foreign sellers and suppliers of goods and merchandise. Deals directly with foreign producers and suppliers of foodstuffs, cargo shippers and freight forwarding companies to verify quality and quantity of goods, cargo status, shipment dates, expected delivery dates and to verify commercial transportation rates.

Must read and write in Japanese.


Bachelor degree in Business or related degree plus 24 months experience

Location: 1460 Francisco St., Torrance, CA 90501

Application: Please submit your resume along with cover letter via FAX or Email.

Contact Information

Nijiya Market Human Resources / Attn:Mako Suzuki
2180 W.190th St.,
Torrance, CA 90504
FAX (310) 257-1235