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Auvil Cherry Update on June 29th / 6月29日時点のオービルチェリー情報

Posted on 27th June 2017 in Nijiya Gift

Auvil Cherry Update on June 29th

The harvesting cherries for the Domestic market starts today. The harvesting for the Japanese market is on schedule!



Auvil Cherry Update on June 27th

Currently the weather is fairly stable in areas around Auvil Farm in Orondo, WA, and there is no rain in the forecast after this week.

The yield is reportedly better this year, and if the weather permits, the harvest will start on July 5th.
The cherries reserved for Japan are scheduled to be shipped out starting from July 14th through 20th.
It will, however, depend on the weather, and under certain circumstances the shipment may get delayed until after July 21st.

We are hoping the weather will stay good for the next couple of weeks, and we will report again whenever the situation changes.





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