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Spring Bento and Sushi / 春のお弁当・お寿司

Posted on 3rd April 2015 in Deli & Sushi

●Salt lemon chicken, salmon sawara bento

We recommend salt lemon this spring! It is made of organic lemon and Okinawan mild natural salt, and it is slowly fermented for a month. The salmon and the chicken is marinated in this salt lemon and is baked throughly. Lemon gives the whole dish it’s refreshing flavor.

●young Bamboo rice

You can only find this bamboo shoots rice during spring at Nijiya. It has a Gentle taste with additive-free bonito broth. It is mixed with seaweed and it helps to keep beautiful skin and hair.

●Flower Garden Sushi

Many colorful ingredients On top o sushi rice, to make it look like a spring flower garden.







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