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Nijiya’s Tuna can series / ニジヤ ツナ缶シリーズ

Posted on 1st April 2014 in Media, Nijiya Brand

Here is a new member for Nijiya’s Tuna can series. Albacore tuna cooked in water (No MSG) comes in an orange can is the new addition to already popular Skipjack tuna cooked in water (No MSG) in a blue can and Skipjack tuna cooked in oil in a pink can. The white meat of Albacore tuna is tender and tasty.
They are great for Tuna Salad, Tuna Sandwiches, Tuna Omelet, Tuna Don and Tuna Pasta. They are ready to use and easy cooking for your every meal.

ニジヤのツナ缶に新しい仲間が加わりました! ブルーの缶はカツオの水煮(No MSG)、ピンク色の缶はカツオのオイル漬け、そして、オレンジ色の缶は新商品、ビンチョウマグロの水煮(No MSG)です。 ツナ缶の中では高級品とされるビンチョウマグロのホワイトミートは、やわらかく、上品な味わいが特徴。ぜひ食べ比べて、それぞれの美味しさを体験してください! ツナサラダ、ツナサンド、ツナオムレツ、ツナ丼、ツナパスタなど、毎日のお料理にどうぞ!

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