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Koji Nigiri Set / 麹にぎり寿司

Posted on 5th April 2013 in Deli & Sushi

Our significant new sushi item- Koji Nigiri set- is made with Nijiya Original Shio-Koji and Shoyu-Koji. Negitoro w/Shio-Koji and Salmon w/Shoyu-Koji are perfectly collaborated- Koji enhances UMAMI (savory taste) and makes texture smooth and meltingly delicious.
Both Shio-Koji and Shoyu-Koji are known as almighty seasoning and very popular in Japan and they are used by many ways to cook. Meanwhile, they support a healthy life as a fermented natural seasoning so never kill the natural taste of foods.
Please try this sushi without soy sauce for the first bite, and experience the natural power of Koji.

※You can also purchase Nijiya Original Shio-Koji and Shoyu-Koji at the store near you. We are taking time to ferment them without hassle so that we make a difference from other products; savory, smooth, and mild.



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