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High Quality Cherry Available in California!!

Posted on 6th July 2012 in Fruit & Vegetable, Nijiya Gift

Order for Japanese Gift Quality Rainier Cherry!

Enjoy the popular Rainier cherry from well-known Auvil farm.
Available exclusively at Nijiya Market.

$39.99 / Box (2.2LB)

Place your order by 7/19 (Thu) at the front desk of your local Nijiya Market.
Your estimated pick-up date will be 7/23(Mon) ~ 7/25(Wed)

  • Offer only available at California Nijiya Markets
  • Pick-up date may vary due to changes in harvesting time
  • More details available at your local Nijiya stores

最高級 オービル農園レイニア・チェリー


$39.99 / 箱 (2.2LB)



  • カリフォルニア店舗のみでの販売となります。(ハワイ、ニューヨーク各店ではご利用いただけません)
  • お渡しの日程は果実の発育状況により変更になることもございます。
  • 詳しくはお近くのニジヤマーケットまでお問い合わせください。


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