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Nijiya Tuna Flakes / ニジヤ ツナ缶

Posted on 1st June 2012 in Meat & Fish, Media, Nijiya Brand

Nijiya Select Tuna Flakes

We are introducing new light style tuna cans. We use select skipjack tuna is lower in fat content, resulting in lower calories. Skipjack tuna is also a great source of EPA, DHA, taurine, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D.

It comes in two styles; in water and in oil. With safety our topmost concern, purified water is used for the “in water” and non-GMO soybean oil for the “in oil” version.

The skipjack tuna are sourced in the Pacific and Indian ocean and processed in a state-of-the-art facility in Indonesia. The facility is operated and managed by industry leading Japanese firms, so the production is under strict safety and quality control. Using high-tech production equipment and techniques, the products meet the always demanding standard of Japanese consumers.

Please try our Japanese style select tuna flakes at a price you don’t find anywhere else.

ニジヤ セレクトツナ缶シリーズ






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